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Guest Book :: perl based Guest Book 8.01.00.beta
(C) 2015.10.19 12:46 karlo at lanet.lv

The owner of this web server is not responsible for any kind of a text published with this script

Required files for Guest Book script

The downloaded files must be saved using the appropriate file names from the first column!

[README.lv.txt]2014.08.07 06:06:13Description of the script in Latvian
[README.en.txt]2014.08.07 06:33:47Description of the script in English
[gpl-3.0.txt]2014.07.18 13:59:00 GNU General Public License Version 3, 29 June 2007
[CHANGELOG.lv.txt]2015.10.16 11:01:09History and to-do list in Latvian
[CHANGELOG.en.txt]2014.03.23 07:12:29History and to-do list
[vg.cgi]2015.10.19 12:46:32The main script of the Guest Book
[Kopejais.pm]2014.08.20 05:13:14Shared functions
[INI_fails.pm]2014.08.21 15:47:16Configuration related functions
[Vg.pm]2015.10.19 12:45:40The guest-book specific functions
[uzraksti.lv.ini]2014.08.20 05:13:14Latvian translations for script generated texts
[uzraksti.en.ini]2014.08.20 05:13:14English translations for script generated texts
[faili.txt]2014.08.20 05:13:14List of files for download
[vg.ini]2014.07.18 15:41:40The example of the basic configuration file. Located in scripts directory. The name should be the same as thee main script (vg.cgi).
[kopiigie.ini]2014.07.18 16:19:07The examle of the common configuration file. Located in INI directory (variable 'ini_dir' from the parametr block 'pamats'). The name should be acording to the variable 'Kopiigais' from the parametr block 'pamats'.
[vg.viesiem.ini]2014.07.18 16:25:42An examle of the parameters file. Located in INI directory.
[vg.daudzaam.ini]2014.07.18 17:04:35an example of the common ini file several guest books. Located in INI directory. The name should be acording to the variable 'Kopigais'.

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